Leonardo Music Journal 16 (2006)
Noises Off -- Sound Beyond Music

These days sound is more than just music. Museums, galleries and artists' studios are getting noisier: it's not that there is so much more "Sound Art," but rather that so much more art has sound. Cellphone ringtones generated four billion dollars in sales worldwide in 2004. Incoming email and outgoing popcorn announce themselves with plops and gongs and boops and beeps -- the emerging field of "sonification" addresses this proliferation of all these "earcons" and other representational uses of sound. Sound design is a vital part of Hollywood films and computer games. While CD sales shrink with the proliferation of peer-to-peer file exchange, the creative use of sound is expanding in almost every other part of our lives.

For the next issue of Leonardo Music Journal we invite papers on the expanded role of sound in art, science, business and everyday life. Topics could include (but are not limited to): audio art, radio art, phonography; sound design for video, film, and gaming; the role of sound in performance art, theatre, dance; sonificitation; architectural acoustics; instrument design.


15 October 2005: Rough proposals, queries

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